Low Cost Spay/Neuter

The mobile RASCAL unit provides low-cost spaying, neutering and vaccination services. These services are provided at our shelter location at 825 Thornwood Drive in Heath. Participants must come to LCHS to pre-register and prepay for all services in full (check, cash or credit card) to hold a spot. Clinics accommodate fifty feline surgeries or thirty canine surgeries. Once a clinic is full, registration begins for the following clinic. Please note there is a $25 LCHS administrative fee per animal for all appointments in addition to the RASCAL Clinic prices.

    • Any appointment, once made and paid for, CANNOT be changed or refunded. If the owner cancels, is a “no show” or cannot catch the animal, etc, your fees WILL NOT BE REFUNDED because otherwise LCHS will incur the cost of the cancellation.
    • Cats must be in a carrier. If there are multiple cats they must be in their own carrier.
    • Drop off for surgeries is between 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
    • All animals will be picked up the same day. Please pick up your pet within one (1) hour of the pick up call.
    • If you fail to pick up at the end of the day your pet will be boarded at the Licking County Humane Society at a cost of $50.00 per day.
    • All dogs/cats MUST be up to date on rabies vaccinations. If your dog/cat is current you must leave proof of current rabies vaccination with your pet. Tags will not be accepted. Otherwise, your dog/cat will receive the vaccine at a cost of $7.00.
      • If your dog/cat has previously received a vaccination and is due, you may be able to receive a 3 year vaccination with proof of rabies (i.e. certificate), tags are not accepted.
    • Please plan on additional time at drop off to complete further medical information on your pet.
    • There will be post-surgical restrictions for your dog/cat for up to 7 days.
    • If a pet is found to be spayed after sedation, there will be a $15 fee.
    • Pregnant dogs & cats will be charged $5 extra.
    • Additional monies may be due the day of appointment for weight adjustment, if your female is in heat or pregnant or if you choose to have additional services performed.
    • Must provide written proof of a current Rabies by a licensed vet or purchase one for $7.00.
    • Please bring felines in a labeled carrier & provide a crate for your canine if possible.
    • No food after midnight the night before surgery (water is okay).
  • Services will be completed at: The Licking County Humane Society – 825 Thornwood Dr. Heath, OH 43056 (side door)
Rascal Unit

Dog Clinics 

June 20, 2020 Saturday
July 11, 2020 Saturday
August 15, 2020 Saturday
September 19, 2020 Saturday
October 17, 2020 Saturday
November 21, 2020Saturday
December 19, 2020Saturday

Cat Clinics

June 20, 2020Saturday
July 11, 2020Saturday
September 26, 2020Saturday
November 14, 2020Saturday

We partner with Refugee Canyon for Thursday clinics, and Columbus State for some Monday clinics. We cannot guarantee which clinics will have space available- some clinics are not available to the public.
Thank you!

Low Cost Vaccine Clinic

The Licking County Humane Society offers a low-cost Vaccination Clinic to help ensure the animals in Licking County are protected from diseases. Our low-cost Vaccination Clinics are held two to three days every month at LCHS, 825 Thornwood Dr. Heath, OH 43056.

You must make an appointment for your pet to be seen by our veterinarian. Beginning August 2020, we will require a $25 vet visit prepay upon sign up.

If your pet only needs a nail trim, microchip injection, or flea/tick prevention (if you’ve previously been seen at our clinic), you may come as a walk-in during clinic dates.

To sign up, click here: Click Here to Sign Up!

We are a Vaccine Clinic – We cannot look at owned sick/injured animals. If your animal is ill, you will need to take them to a full-service vet clinic to be seen. 

Your pet must be at least 8 weeks (2 months) old to receive vaccinations.

We also ask that no more than 1 animal is brought per person and that all owners wear a mask. 

Please do not bring dogs with bark collars to the clinic.

Although we do not offer full veterinarian services, we do offer many basic services such as, heartworm tests, rabies vaccinations, and feline leukemia tests, to name a few. You can also purchase preventatives, such as heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention, at low-cost.

If your pet has been seen by our clinic previously and you would like to purchase preventatives such as flea/tick preventative, you will be able to do so as a walk-in. You may also come as a walk-in if you only need a nail trim or microchip injection.

If you need your pet to be seen by our veterinarian (which is needed for all vaccines, prescription medications, heartworm prevention if your pet has not had a recent heartworm test, and other miscellaneous services), you will need to sign up for an appointment timeframe.

Please bring any previous vaccine records for your pet to the clinic. All dogs must be leashed and all cats must be in a carrier. Each animal will receive a physical examination ($25) prior to any administration of any vaccine to ensure they are healthy enough to be vaccinated.

To ensure you’re able to be seen in a timely manner, please fill out the Registration Form below and have it available to give to our staff when you arrive. 

You will NOT be able to pay online, so please bring payment with you on the day of your clinic. We can accept cash, check, and credit.

If you have any questions, please call us at (740) 522-7297, or send an email to info@lchspets.org

Dr. Tiffany Lane, DVM, received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from The Ohio State University and brings 25 years of veterinary experience to LCHS.

Dr. Lane is passionate about advancing the mission of Licking County Humane Society by helping to reduce animal homelessness and neglect in our community.

2020 Clinic Prices

  • Physical Exam (Required) $25
  • Rabies 1-year or 3-year $12
  • DHPP $12
  • DHLPP $15
  • FVRCPC $12
  • FeLV $14 (must be tested or have proof of test within the last 3 months)
  • Bordetella oral $12
  • FeLV/FIV Test $25
  • Heartgard Heartworm Protection $12/pill or $60 for 6 pills (dogs only)
  • Pyrantel $10/2 doses
  • Canine Heartworm Test $20 (must be 6 months or older)
  • Canine Heartworm Test 4DX $28 (must be 6 months or older)
  • Bravecto Flea/Tick Protection for dogs $50/dose or $95/2 doses (Each dose lasts 3 months!)
  • Bravecto Flea/Tick Protection for cats $55/dose or $105/2 doses (Each dose lasts 3 months!)
  • Provecta Flea/Tick/Mosquito Protection for dogs $9/dose (Each does lasts 30 days!)
  • Express Anal Glands $10
  • Bottle of Ear Cleaner $12
  • Ear Cleaning w/ear cleaner $20 or w/o ear cleaner $10
  • Micro-chip $15
  • Trim Nails $15
  • Droncit $8/pill
  • Milbemite $20
  • Puppy/Kitten Revolution $20 for 1 dose or $55 for 3 doses

** Some fees may vary depending on difficulty of restraint, age, and weight

2020 Clinic Dates

12/7/2019Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM7/25/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM
12/17/2019Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM8/8/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM
1/4/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM8/18/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM
1/21/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM8/29/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM
2/4/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM9/12/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM
2/22/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM9/29/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM
3/7/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM10/10/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM
3/17/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM10/20/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM
3/31/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM11/7/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM
6/6/2020Saturday9:00 AM-3:00 PM11/17/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM
6/30/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM12/1/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM
7/7/2020 Tuesday 12:00-6:00 PM
12/15/2020Tuesday12:00-6:00 PM
7/21/2020 Tuesday 12:00-6:00 PM

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