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Thank You for Choosing Rescue!

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a shelter dog or cat. Every year, millions of healthy & loving animals in the United States will be euthanized because of overpopulation. Your decision to adopt a shelter pet makes you part of the solution to this tragedy and sets an example for others. Be proud of your decision — we are!

How Does the Adoption Process Work?

  1. Visit the shelter to meet the LCHS pets who are ready for adoption. You can also see our adoptable dogs at or adoptable cats at
  2. When you arrive at the shelter a staff member will help you select an animal that is a good match for your family. You will then fill out a Matching Questionnaire and review it with a staff member to begin the adoption process.
  3. For those who live outside Licking County, you may submit a questionnaire online.

Local inquiries are asked to visit the shelter. Visiting the shelter to engage in the adoption process typically gives the adoptive family priority. Please note, the adoption process does not begin until you arrive at the shelter and review your questionnaire with a staff member.

  • We do not do out-of-state adoptions.
  • Completion of the questionnaire does not guarantee you will be matched with the pet. It is a tool to guide our matching conversations.
  • Puppies will not be held for online inquirers.  If you are interested in a puppy, you must visit the shelter during business hours.

If you live outside Licking County and would like to submit an online questionnaire:  Click Here

  1. We may require your new pet to meet any current pets you own prior to adoption and will schedule a meet & greet with you. You will need to bring your current pet’s immunization records with you to the meet & greet.

2019 By The Numbers


Adoptions in 2019


Spay/Neuter in 2019


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A typical rule of thumb is to determine whether a shelter saves more than 90% of its animals. That is its Live Release Rate. The annual Live Release Rate is calculated by dividing the total live outcomes (adoptions, outgoing transfers, and return to owner/guardian) by total outcomes (total live outcomes plus euthanasia not including owner/guardian requested ethanasia or died/lost in shelter/care). Today, many leaders are raising the bar and stating that the real No Kill Live Release Rate should be 95%.

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