Our dog training classes are designed to meet a wide variety of ages and skill level. We offer classes for  PuppiesBeginnerIntermediate, IEP, and Advanced. Each class runs 6 weeks and costs $95. Proof of vaccination history is required.

Come to the shelter during open hours with your veterinary vaccine records to sign up while spots remain!

Puppy Class

The perfect starting point for puppies from 10 weeks to 9 months of age. Your puppy will learn “the Big Five”: Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Walk on a Leash, as well as nice household manners. Information to help with potty training, nutrition and grooming will also be covered. Prerequisite: Proof of vaccination history.

Beginner Class

The great place to start for the adolescent or more mature dog that is new to your home or has not had previous training classes. Your dog will learn “the Big Five” as well as many other skills. We will also go over any problem behaviors you may be having with your dog. Prerequisite: Proof of vaccination history.

Walk-About Class

The walkabout class is for the dog that has successfully learned basic obedience and needs additional practice. This 12 week class will visit various dog-friendly locations in the community to practice their socialization skills. Sign up today for this awesome experience and help your dog become an outstanding companion. Prerequisite: Puppy or Beginner.

Intermediate Class

This is the next level of class after Puppy or Beginner Classes. We will expand on the skills we learned in previous class and capture lots of new skills. Dogs will learn to settle, heel, and perform skills despite distractions, tricks for fun will also be included. Prerequisite: Puppy or Beginner.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

IEP is for dogs that have previously attended beginner or puppy classes but may have some new issues due to the past year. Prerequisite: Puppy or Beginner.

Advanced Class

Preparation for the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International Tests. Individual skill concerns will be addressed. This class is for those that have completed puppy or beginner, intermediate and now would like to pursue the next level. Prerequisite: Intermediate.

Advanced classes are held Thursday evenings, please reach out to the instructor for information.

Dec 4Sunday12:00Puppy/Beginner
Dec 10Saturday5:45Puppy/Beginner
Jan 7Saturday7:00Beginner
Jan 10Tuesday1:30Puppy/Beginner
Jan 17Tuesday4:30Intermediate 2.0
Jan 22Sunday1:15Puppy
Jan 22Sunday3:00Intermediate
Jan 28Saturday1:15Puppy/Beginner
Feb 5Sunday3:00Puppy
Feb 11Saturday2:30Puppy/Beginner
Feb 18Saturday4:00Beginner
Mar 7Tuesday5:45Puppy/Beginner
Mar 12Sunday1:30Puppy
Mar 18Saturday1:15Beginner
Mar 19Sunday4:30Intermediate

Prerequisite for all group classes: Proof of at least two rounds of the parvo/distemper/multi vaccines and bordetella vaccine. (Bring the receipt from your vet when signing up and at the first class!)

Group classes meet on the same day and time for 6 weeks starting the day listed on the schedule above. The cost is $95.

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