What is the Buddy Brigade?

Some adult dogs live at the shelter for far too long.   Our long-term shelter dogs tend to be those who don’t show their best selves when they’re stuck in a kennel for most of the day.  Perhaps they bark loudly when people come to the canine center or perhaps they hunker down in a corner of their kennel and don’t appear interested in meeting anyone.   Because these dogs don’t appear very affectionate or outgoing in their kennels, they get overlooked.  However, when we can get these dogs out of the shelter for a few days, we see how much happier and companionable they are in a calmer setting.  Once potential adopters find out that an adult dog is mellow and cuddly in a home setting, they are more likely to consider that dog for adoption.  This is why we created the Buddy Brigade as an extension of our foster program.

In the Buddy Brigade, dogs can go to a foster home for a couple days (a holiday weekend, for example).  The Buddy Brigade foster parents may extend their dog’s stay for a few more days, or may even decide to long term foster them.

The Buddy Brigade began in May, 2023.  We have had three dogs participate in the program so far: Asher (pictured in the top row of pictures below), Max (pictured bottom left), and Veggie Wrap (pictured bottom center and bottom right).  After short visits to home settings, all three dogs were adopted into their forever homes!  The feedback provided by the Buddy Brigade fosters was so positive that potential adopters felt confident making these beautiful dogs part of their families.

To become a Buddy Brigade foster, you need to fill out a short application and attend a brief orientation.  If you have your own personal dogs, we will have a “meet and greet” with the Buddy Brigade dog to make sure all the canines get along. (Note: when you fill out the application, be sure to check “Buddy Brigade” when you’re asked what kind of animals you want to foster!)