The list below is a list of ONLY the start dates of upcoming classes.  The classes meet the same day and time for 6 weeks. 

September 5Tuesday6:00 pmPuppy/Beginner
September 8Friday6:00 pm Rowdy Dog 2.0*
September 9Saturday10:00 amRowdy Dog*
September 16Saturday1:15 pmPuppy/Beginner
September 26Tuesday7:15 pmIntermediate 2.0
September 28Thursday6:00 pmShy Dog*
October 1Sunday1:15 pmPuppy
October 14Saturday2:30 pmPuppy/Beginner
October 22Sunday2:30 pmBeginner
October 24Tuesday6:00 pmIntermediate
October 27Friday6:00 pmRowdy Dog*
October 28Saturday10:00 amRowdy Dog*
November 4Saturday1:15 pmPuppy/Beginner
November 12Sunday1:15 pmBeginner
December 10Sunday2:30 pmPuppy/Beginner

* Please note that the Shy Dog and Rowdy Dog classes will be taught by Kathleen Griffin.  All other classes on this list are taught by Gayle Mulvey.