The mission of the Pet Respite Program is to protect the bond between owners and their pets. 

No one should have to choose between losing a pet and receiving medical treatment. LCHS is here to help! Pet Respite Services of Licking County is a program designed to provide 30-60 days of foster care to pet-owning individuals who need medical care. Pet Respite provides a loving foster home for community members who do not have access to pet caregivers.



  • The pet owner must be 18+ years of age.
  • The owner must be either receiving medical treatment, hospitalized, institutionalized, or transitioning to assisted living with a set end date for respite care.
  • We CANNOT accept cases of temporary homelessness with no specific end date for respite care.
  • The Pet Respite Program is only for dogs and small pets (small mammals, reptiles, and clipped birds); we do not accept cats into the Pet Respite Program.
  • Placement does NOT always occur; for example, we may not have a foster available who has experience with a particular type of pet.
  • If placement is found, the pet owner or someone appointed on behalf of the owner must sign our Respite Boarding Contract.
  • Respite care is 30 days with one 30-day extension possible for a maximum of 60 days total; you must apply for the extension by day 23. 
  • At minimum, we need the name of the pet’s veterinarian.  Ideally, our Community Outreach Coordinator would like to speak with the pet owner to create a health and behavioral profile for their pet(s).
  • If a dog does not have an up-to-date rabies and/or DH(L)PP vaccine, those vaccines will be provided by LCHS at cost to the owner before their pet is homed with one of our foster families.
  • All basic supplies (food, blankets, toys, crate) are provided by LCHS (dogs only) or by the owner.  The owner is responsible for supplying all items for their small (non-dog) pet.
  • Special supplies are to be provided by the owner (medications, special diet, any special bedding, etc.).
  • All dogs will be kept crated when their foster parent isn’t able to supervise them.
  • There is a sliding scale suggested donation fee for respite care upon pickup of the pet.

Questions?  Contact Kaycie Yeager (Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator).